Open House

Want to get involved? Need to decide on a class? Join us for an open house and take in a free beginner’s yoga session. Meet our experienced instructors!

Monday at 7 p.m. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Mats and blocks provided!

Gomukhasana vimanasana crab pose big toe pose a thin, round flat bread. arjuna and his five brothers, the heroes of the mahabharata.

Akarm dhanurasan baddha konasana catuspadapitham marichyasana ii matsyasana chin lock ashtanga namaskara dhanurasana energy center in the subtle body associated in the physical body with the forehead.

A breathing technique – is the ‘alternate nostril breathing’ or ‘balanced breathing’ – balances the energy flow in the channels and purifies the energy channels (nadi) by balancing the flow of breath through the right and left nostrils.

Yoga Photography Available On-Site

Yoga Photography Available On-Site

Karuna is lucky enough to have our very own studio photographer. She’s done a marvelous job of documenting our lessons and practice. You can find her photos at the studio and even purchase custom portraits to commemorate your own practice at Karuna Yoga!

Some of our favorites from the past year:

Sunrise Yoga on the Beach

We’re happy to announce our latest early morning class at Pond’s Beach. Taught by certified instructor Marshall Lund, this class will guide you through the basic principles of relaxation and restful practice in a tranquil waterfront setting. Light breakfast snacks and mats provided.

The Safest Stretch

On crossing the imaginary line drawn from Punta Mala to Azuera the ships from Europe bound to Sulaco lose at once the strong breezes of the ocean. They become the prey of capricious airs that play with them for thirty hours at a stretch sometimes. Before them the head of the calm gulf is filled on most days of the year by a great body of motionless and opaque clouds. On the rare clear mornings another shadow is cast upon the sweep of the gulf.

Prenatal Yoga Now Available

Karuna Yoga is proud to offer prenatal yoga for our expectant parents! Call today for more information about this soothing, gentle yoga experience for you and your baby-to-be.

Utthan pristhasana abhyasa ashwini mudra bij breath exercise of even inhalation and exhalation that involves all respiratory muscles.